Product: PostOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to select the gifts for the post report
Environment: All
Version: All


The parameters for the report are set up on the left side of the PostOmatic screen.


All eligible gifts - this will pull in all gifts marked "Not Posted"
Selected gifts - this will pull in gifts based on a gift query
Adjustments and reversals only - this will pull in all adjustments and reversals marked "Not Posted"

Gift Types

This filters the gifts when using the All eligible gifts selection. You can tell POM to include or exclude gifts based on the Gift Type, Gift Subtype, and/or GL Gift Type.

Date Criteria

Filter the gifts based on either the Gift Date or the GL Post Date

The date parameters can be left open-ended, or you can choose a specific start date and/or end date for the report.

For more information on PostOmatic, please refer to theĀ User Guide for PostOmatic.