Product: MailOmatic for Schools
This solution describes how to password protect report cards.
Environment: All
Version: All


Selecting this option in the RO Setting tab of MailOmatic for Schools configuration will allow your organization to password protect report card attachments. The email recipient must enter the password when opening the .pdf file. If a password cannot be assigned to the report card, the email will not be sent.

Passwords are created from the student’s record, which may or may not be the recipient.

Options are:
* Birth year + Last 4 digits of SSN (this is the default selection)
* If either field is blank, #### is used (eg, 1997#### or ####0961)
* If both are blank, the email will not be sent
* Birth year only, based on the birth date field
* Choose a specific attribute and the description will be used

For additional information regarding MailOmatic for Schools, please visit the MailOmatic for Schools User Guide.