Product: EventOmatic 
Description: This solution describes how participants are considered to be active for EventOmatic licensing purposes
Environment: All
Version: All


The total number of subscribed licenses is based on the maximum number of participants and guests that have been accessed by EventOmatic on each of the active events. Deleting participants or guests once an event has been activated does not decrease this number. Participants and guests on events that have not been activated in EventOmatic are not counted in this total.

“Invitees” are not counted for the participant licensing count if the only data on the records are the Invite? value and date, the Response value and date, a Registration value of either Not registered or Do not register, and the Do not seat checkbox. The Group/seating notes field also doesn't count, starting in version 1.3.10. You may access the most recent version of EventOmatic on our Downloads page. This allows you to track invitations sent without using up participant licenses.

Once any other data is entered on the record, it is counted as a participant for licensing purposes. Guests of other participants are always counted for licensing purposes.

For more detailed information regarding EventOmatic, please refer to the User Guide for EventOmatic.