Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution discusses adding country table values during importing
Environment: All
Version: All


Adding a country value to the country table would require it being connected to an address record when attempting to bring countries in through the importing process.

Otherwise the country table is not a true table and can not be added to via importing without being connected to a constituent, individual relationship address, or an organization relationship address. Manual entry is required if when attempting to bring in a listing of countries to update to a table.

If the address is connected to a record that is being imported with an address record, the record type would be either Constituent address, Individual address, or Organization address an the value type would be "Country".

If the country value does not exist in RE currently, you can select General Settings in the profile navigation pane and select the processing rule to Automatically Add Table Values To Existing Tables During Import Processing. For additional information on this option, please see this solution.