Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution discusses how IOM handles the overpayment of pledges and recurring gifts
Environment: All
Version: All


Currently, ImportOmatic has overpayment options for Membership and Event transactions but we do not have an option to automatically increase/decrease a pledge amount.

When importing the pledge/recurring gift payment directly to the Constituent record and an exception is encountered, the entire row is added to the exception file. This is to prevent partial data from being imported into client databases.

This functionality could potentially be accomplished with the IOM API module. Code could be run before the "gift save" to check to see if the payment is greater than the balance and automatically increase the pledge. Any programmers on staff at your organization may be able to accomplish this, or we do offer custom programming services if you wanted Omatic to write it for you.

You may also request this functionality as a suggestion to our UserVoice site. Our team pays close attention the suggestion site and would enjoy hearing your ideas.