Product: ImportOmatic
Occurs when importing packages that do not currently exist on the appeal record in RE
Environment: All


This error is stating that the package you are importing is not associated as a package on the appeal record within RE > Records > Appeals. 

If you would like to allow IOM to automatically add any packages that do not exist on the appeal at the time of import, you may use the following directions. 

  1. Open IOM Configuration
  2. Open the "Appeal & Package" Profile
  3. Highlight "Appeals" in the left hand profile navigation pane. 
  4. Select the check box on the right labeled "Automatically add Packages that do not exist on the Appeal. 
  5. Save the profile. 

If you instead wish to have more granular control over the addition of packages to the appeal record, please add the packages to the appeal record prior to import. 

For additional information, please access the ImportOmatic User Guide.