Product: ImportOmatic
Description: Occurs when importing organizations and individuals as constituents
Environment: All
Version: All


Add a column to your profile and to your data file in the same position. In your data file, this column will be populated with the name of the organization that you want to add as a constituent. The population of the org name should take place either prior to all people who are being imported as constituents or after all people who are being imported as constituents. 

The reason for this is because if you list an organization on the same row with a person who is being imported as a relationship, the organization will be viewed by IOM as an organization relationship to the individual constituent instead. 

The mapping in your IOM profile for the newly added column will be as follow: 

Raiser's Edge Field: Constituent > Bio > Org Name

Because IOM does not use the key indicator, IOM determines whether or not to create an organization constituent or Individual constituent based on if you are mapping first name and last name or org name.

Sample IOM Profile Mapping: 

Sample Data File: 

For additional information, please access the ImportOmatic User Guide