Product: ImportOmatic
Description:  Occurs when carriage returns are present in data file header row
Environment: All
Version: All


This issue is caused by carriage returns in the header row cells. Please use the following steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Open the .csv file.
  2. Select CTRL and A (this will select the entire spreadsheet)
  3. Select CTRL and H (this will open the Find and Replace view)
  4. Place the active cursor in the "Find" field
  5. Select CTRL and J (this will place a small dot in the "Find" field)
  6. Place the active cursor in the "Replace" field
  7. Select the SPACE BAR once
  8. Select to "Replace All" (a notification will appear with the number of  issues that have been corrected)

For additional information, please access the ImportOmatic User Guide.