Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution describes how to import a dictionary

Environment: All

Version: All


To do so, first create two columns in Excel. In the first column list the desired values and in the second the values to match. Optionally, you may be working with Regular Expressions, and in this case a third column can be added with the value of either TRUE or FALSE for whether the Replacement Value uses Regular Expressions. If pasting in only two columns, regex is assumed to be FALSE. After you have set up your spreadsheet, highlight the columns and copy them to the clipboard (Ctrl-C).

Then, on the dictionary screen, right-click inside either the Replacement values or Values to match on list box and select “Paste values from Excel (Replacement,Value).” Both sets of data values will populate your dictionary. Note that you can also right-click in either the Replacement values or Values to match on column to sort the values alphabetically.

Values will not be duplicated when pasting from Excel. For example, if the dictionary already has entries for “Sgt” it will not be pasted in but any values not already in the dictionary will be.

To delete either Replacement Value entries or Value to Match On entries, select one or more rows and click the DELETE key.

For additional information, please view the ImportOmatic User Guide