Product: ImportOmatic

Description: Occurs when importing Gifts to a Batch 

Environment: All

Version: All


Raiser's Edge Batch has limited fields that it can display. When importing Gifts to a Batch from ImportOmatic, we display all of the fields that Batch allows in the grid. Your import profile may include fields that are not visible in RE Batch. As a result, you will not see these fields in the RE Batch that is created from your import. This is expected.

As an example, if your import profile includes mapping & values for the Recurring Gift ID and Solicitor Import ID you will not see these values in the resulting RE Batch since they are not values that RE Batch displays in the batch grid. However, you can use the menu options in RE Batch (on the tool bar select Gift / Apply To / Recurring Gift) to see that the gift/row is correctly applied to a Recurring Gift.

Those gifts will commit correctly when you commit the RE Batch. In this example, If you are using the Recurring gift ID to apply a gift to a Recurring Gift, then it will apply it correctly. And the same is true for the Solicitor Import ID. If you are using that field to apply a Solicitor credit on a gift, then it will apply it correctly (even though you can’t see the field in the Batch).