Product: ImportOmatic
Description: Occurs when adding a new address to an RE database that has 
Country marked as a required field, and no country value is being provided from the data file
Version: All
Environment: All


This error means that the country field of the address record is required in your database. 

Please check the data file that you are importing. Ensure that a country value is being provided. Although the country value defaults within RE when creating a new address record manually, the RE functionality for defaulting the country does not flow through into the blank address form that IOM calls from RE.

In the Advanced Address Processing Form, selecting "Add as Is" creates a new blank address record and populates it with the information coming from the data file. The requirement is enforced by RE when it sees there is no country being provided. RE hands this error back through IOM and the record is seen as an exception. 

Please supply a country value for the incoming address records to resolve. 

Please refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.