Product: MailOmatic for Schools

Description: This solution describes how to add multiple attachments when emailing statements

Environment: All

Version: All


  1. Open EE/FE
  2. Select Student Billing
  3. Select Plug-ins
  4. Select MailOmatic for Schools
  5. Setup Statement run as normal
  6. When ready to attach files, select the Email Attachments link in the bottom right corner of the view.
  7. Use the Add File button to browse to selected file
  8. Repeat Step 7 until all attachments are added, the number of attached files will appear on the email attachments link when you have returned to the MailOmatic for Schools view
  9. Select the Close button to return to MailOmatic for Schools

Note: All recipients will receive the email attachments included. Additionally, the limit of attachments is dependent upon the size of files that your organization's email server allows. 

For additional information regarding MailOmatic for Schools, please refer to the MailOmatic for Schools User Guide.