Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution describes how to import matching gifts

Environment: All

Version: All


The first step is ensuring that the matching gift organization record is setup to match gifts. Consider the information that your organization will define for the matching gift limits, factor, and fiscal year starts fields.

There must be a "matching gift factor" defined in the matching gift details in order for the interactive window that appears during the importing process for the matching gift to populate the gift amount from the data file on the matching gift record. If the matching gift factor is not defined the interactive pop up window for the matching gift will not have a populated gift amount and must be entered manually within the interactive window.

There must be a relationship between the constituent and the matching gift organization. The matching gift organization relationship will need the check box on the General 2 tab of the relationship record selected to indicate that the organization matches gifts for that constituent, as well. 

Example of the organization matching gift record: 

Example of the matching gift organization relationship record matching gift check box selection: 

Once the matching gift information is defined for the matching gift organization and the relationship is created between the matching gift organization and the constituent you are ready to import matching gifts. 

If you need to define matching gift information for organization records in bulk, you may import the matching gift field information for the organization records using this solution link.

The gift information in the data file must supply all or your RE database required field selections for creating gift records. For more information on importing gifts, please use this solution link.

Gift File Example:


In the ImportOmatic profile, you will map the incoming data to the fields that are appropriate to the population of the gift record.

IOM Profile Mapping Example: 

In the IOM profile left hand navigation pane processing rule settings, highlight "Gifts". Select to mark the check box labeled "Process Matching Gifts":

Save your settings.

When the importing process begins and an incoming gift is identified as having a matching gift organization relationship, the interactive pop up window will appear with an editable view. You may make any edits at this time for the matching gift. Once you are finished, select to save and close to move on to the next record.

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.