Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution discusses how ImportOmatic interacts with Address Accelerator

Environment: All

Version: All


AddressAccelerator may be used on an incoming address within the Advanced Address Processing Interactive window. Selecting the option to "Add with Edits" in the Advanced Address Processing View will open the incoming address record and the "F8" function button will engage AddressAccelerator.

Using Omatic Data Services (ODS) will make the addresses being imported mimic the format used within RE. The Advanced Address Processing interactions are greatly reduced for faster importing. Alternatively, when using an output query created by the importing process, users may easily select the output query to run an Address Accelerator batch process through the Data Health Center after an import.

Using ODS will also assist with lowering the instances of interaction with the Advanced Address Processing window because the existing address format will be more easily paired with a cleaner incoming address format when the ODS services are in use.

*Note: RE Canada clients do not have the option to use AddressAccelerator batch functionality.

Please refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.