Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution discusses importing gifts by matching the System Record ID to the Gift Import ID

Environment: All

Version: All


Step 1: Create a query to export required ID's

  1. Copy all System Record ID's from your incoming data file.  
  2. Create a gift query. 
  3. On the criteria tab, select "System Record ID" as the criteria with an operator selection of “one of”.
  4. The copied values must be inserted in the same window, under the "Values" area of the Edit Field Criteria view. To properly paste the copied System Record ID's into the field, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the view then click in the last available cell. You must select CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste the copied values into the cells.  Select Okay to close the view.

    *Please note the maximum entries for the Edit Field Criteria view is limited to 500 records. If you have more than 500 entries you must create multiple “one of” Edit Field Criteria views.
  5. Select the output tab of the query. Under "Gift Information", select to output the Import ID.  You will additionally select to output the System record ID. 

  6. In the toolbar at the top of the query view, select the Export icon to export the query results to an Excel formatted file.

In your profile in IOM you can map the column that identifies your System Record ID to Gift Import ID, and select to use the data dictionary that you just created.

Step 2: Add values to the dictionary needed to translate the incoming data:

  1. Open IOM.
  2. Select IOM Configuration.
  3. Select Dictionaries in the left navigation pane.
  4. Select Add to create a new dictionary.
  5. In the "Dictionary from Table" popup window, select No.
  6. The blank dictionary will open, in the name field enter "Translates System Record ID to Gift Import ID". The description field can be the same vale as the name field or can remain blank
  7. Open the exported query file created in step 1 listed above.  Copy all values from the exported file exclusive of headers.
  8. In the open dictionary view under replacement values, right click in the screen in the area shown below.  Select to paste values from Excel.

  9. Save the dictionary.
  10. Open the IOM profile in question.  Add the dictionary created to the column that your System Record ID is populated in within your data file.  *Note: In the IOM profile, the record type for this column = Gift Field and the value type = Import ID.

 For information on creating a dictionary refer to the How to create a dictionary.