Product: ImportOmatic
Description: Fund, Campaign, Appeal, or Package Does Not Populate or appears as empty when importing to an RE gift batch.
Environment: All
Version: All


This is related to the user options that are set for the RE user that is logged into the database. 

You can locate the user options in the tool bar within RE at the top of the screen. Select "Tools", select "User Options", select the "Records" tab.

On the "Records" tab, you will first highlight "Campaigns" in the left navigation bar within the view. On the right of the view toward the bottom, you will see the field labeled "Campaign Format". You will choose either "Description" or "ID". More than likely you will need to select the opposite of whatever is currently populated to correct the issue. Select "OK". 

Repeat the above process for a missing Fund, Appeal, or Package. These options change when RE is expecting to be presented from the data file being imported.