Product: MergeOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to merge records
Environment: All
Version: All


There are three ways to merge records from within the Duplicate Results screen.

Manual Merge

Right click on a record to open the constituent form. Use the Constituent>Merge option from the toolbar.

Merge Two Records

To merge two records, drag a record onto the one you wish to keep.

Bulk Merge
  1. Flag one or more records as duplicates for bulk merging by selecting the checkbox for each record or select the checkbox in the column header to select all records
  2. Click the Merge Selected button to merge the selected records. You will be prompted to confirm.

Note: When merging multiple records within a group, merges are done from the bottom up. That is, the last record is merged into the next to last record. That one is then merged into the one above it and so on, until the remaining duplicate is merged into the survivor.

For additional information please refer to the MergeOmatic User Guide.