Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to resolve the error when saving a new profile: Relationship information provided but more fields are required for matching
Environment: All
Version: 2.5 and higher


We added a check on Relationship fields to the profile save due to some common issues clients were encountering. Examples of the issues:

* Not providing the fields requires to match on, or to create, a relationship, causing exceptions during import
* Mapping phones/emails/addresses to Relationship fields, thinking they were mapped to fields for a constituent, and having the data go nowhere

How To Resolve this Error: 
If importing individual relationships ensure that Constituent ID or last name is mapped 
If importing Organization relationships ensure that Org Name is 
For more information on importing relationships, please see the solutions on individual relationships and organization relationships.

If relationships aren't being imported or if the issue persists:
Double check the mapping to make sure something isn't unintentionally mapped to relationship fields. For example, accidentally mapping a phone number to Individual Phone - Number instead of Constituent Phone - Number.

Please refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.