Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to use dictionaries to skip rows that contain certain values
Environment: All
Version: 3.1 and higher


For more information on how to create dictionaries, please see this Knowledgebase solution

A dictionary can be built to skip rows that have certain values. For example, if you would like to skip rows that have $0.00 in gift amount or have an unsuccessful gift status.

  1. In Values to match on, enter the value you would like skipped
  2. In Replacement values, enter the error message you would like to receive
  3. Select Create Exception (Skip Row)

  4. In your profile, apply the dictionary to the field that the anticipated skip value will appear in, this field does NOT have to be mapped in the profile for the skip row functionality to work.

    In your error file, you will see the error you specified in the skip row dictionary:


If you want to create a dictionary to 'Skip All Rows' for the purposes of profile testing or troubleshooting, you can use the 'Skip Row' functionality combined with 'Regular Expression' functionality within one dictionary, and set it up to skip any Non-Blank values (then the dictionary just has to be applied to any column of the profile that is guaranteed to be not blank, such as gift date or last name.

Lastly, to have your skipped rows land in a separate file from your typical error-based exceptions, be sure to check the box below within the ImportOmatic profile's Output->Files section shown below:

For more information, please see the ImportOmatic User Guide.