Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to resolve the error, Required Field Missing: Author.
Environment: All
Version: All

When importing a gift notepad, ImportOmatic does not automatically include the username of the import processor as the notepad's author.  If the Author field is required on your gift notepads, Raisers Edge will be unable to save the notepad, thus triggering an exception.

Possible resolutions:

  1. Remove the field requirement in Raiser's Edge > Config > Fields > Notepad

  2. Add a column for Author in Virtual Fields. Note that if you use the Static Field function, this will apply the same author to every row in the import.  If some rows do not contain a gift note, you will need to use the Copy function plus a "not blank" dictionary to assign the author only on rows containing notes.

For more information on mapping notepads, please see this solution.