Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution discusses how to import memberships and eliminate membership processing form interaction

Version: All

Environment: All


To bypass the interactive membership form, you must include any required fields (varies by database) for your memberships within your data file.

Suggested fields:

  • Constituent Name or Constituent ID or Constituent Import ID
  • Membership Program (appears as "Program" in RE)
  • Membership Category (appears as "Category" in RE)
  • Membership Activity Date (appears as "date joined" on new memberships in RE, appears as "date renewed" on membership records renewed at the same level in RE, appears as "upgraded on" on upgraded memberships in RE, appears as "downgraded on" on downgraded memberships in RE, appears as "date dropped" in RE for dropped memberships)
  • Membership Expires On Date (appears as "expires on" in RE)
  • Membership Type (appears as "transaction" in RE)
  • Membership Renewal Type (appears as "transaction type" in RE)
  • Membership Date Dropped (same as the activity date)
  • Membership Drop Reason (appears as "reason" in RE)

An example of the data file layout using the above suggested fields: 

IOM field mapping will be done as follows for the above data file:

***Please Note: In RE there is a difference of the naming conventions for some membership fields.***

Example of Membership Processing Rule Selections that Reduce Interaction with the Membership Processing Form: 

Please refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.