Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to read an error.txt error message and describes the formatting 

Environment: All
Version: IOM and up


1. The IOM version and the RE version are listed on this line of the error.txt file. 

2. The name of the IOM profile appears on this line of the error.txt file.

3. The Header for the error.txt file is shown on this line.

4. The location of the data file used with the IOM profile is shown on this line along with the name of the data file used.

5. The Master ID source line shows what option is selected for the Enhanced package and appeal processing option located under "Gifts" in the profile processing rules.

6. The "Source Row" is the actual row number for the record in question coming from your source data file. The "Produced Excel Error Row" is the actual row number in the 'Exceptions.csv' file where the record that created the exception will appear for further review after the import has completed. The Exceptions.csv file is output when the import process is completed. 

7. The  error message being returned will always appear after the "Produced Excel Error Row" colon in that portion of the error message. In the example shown above "Invalid Code Table Entry" is the actual error message.

8.  In the above screen shot example, "Title 1" is the actual field that the error message is pointing out. 

9. Further along in the error message you will again be alerted to the field in question, in the above screenshot example the field is shown again as "Field: 'Title 1'

10. Next to the reiteration of the field in question the "Value" appearing in the data file for that record will appear. In this example the value that is in question is "Mrs". 

Please note: When importing gifts the error message will include "Error in Split Gift". This is a standard part of the error text for gifts and if you are not importing split gifts, please disregard this portion of the error.