Product: MailOmatic for Accounting
This solution discusses how to generate payments for un-posted EFT Payments
Environment: All
Version: All


EFT Payments Are Not Required to be Posted Prior to Generating Notices via MailOmatic for Accounting.

The following items do need to happen prior to generating payment notifications: 

1. The check type must be set to EFT in FE.

2. In MOMA Settings, check to see if the Bank Draft option is selected. If so, please note that those payments will also be included.

3. In MOMA settings, check the Module Settings tab, under EFT Settings. Look for the check box labeled "Include Bank Draft Payments" de-select this check box.

4. Ensure the payments that you are expecting to see are not voided. Voided payments will not be included.

5. On the main MOMA view, ensure the correct bank is selected in the "Bank Account" drop down that appears to the upper right of the view.


Refer to the MailOmatic for Accounting User Guide for additional information.