Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This article discusses how to mark a constituent record as having no valid address

Environment: All

Version: All


1. In the IOM Profile, Highlight Virtual Fields in the left hand navigation pane profile processing rules.

2. On the right of the profile processing rules for virtual fields, right click in the large white area to select the option from the right click menu to insert a virtual field.

3. Populate the "Raiser's Edge Field" with the following: Constituent > Bio > No Valid Addresses

4. Select to use a "Function" of "Copy field" in the function column for the virtual field. Save your changes to the profile.

5. Go to ImportOmatic Configuration. Select "Dictionaries" from the left hand navigation pane by highlighting "Dictionaries".

6. On the right of the "Dictionaries" view, select to "Add", then select the "No" button. This will provide a blank dictionary view. 

7. Populate a value in the dictionary "Name" field. 

8. Add a value of "Yes" in the Replacement Values field and select the + sign to add the value.

9. Highlight the added "Replacement Value" of "Yes". On the right of the view, add a "Value to Match On" value of: --Blank--

*** Note: Please press ENTER within the Values to Match on Field to insert a blank. Do not type the word --Blank--.

10. Save the dictionary and return to the IOM profile you are working on to import your data.

11. Return to the virtual fields and apply the dictionary to the mapped virtual field in the "dictionary" column.

12. Map a "Seed Value" of the column letter that contains the Address Line for the mapped address from the field map. Any time there is no address populated in the address column the dictionary will work to mark the "No Valid Addresses" check box for that constituent record.

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.