Product: ImportOmatic
This solution describes how to import gift adjustments

Environment: All

Version: 2.4 and higher


All required fields must be added to the profile mapping that would also be required for importing a new gift in your RE database. (Importing gift receipt or gift attribute information as an adjustment is not in current functionality as of 02/20/18)

Gift Adjustment fields map directly to their specified field without any manipulation or changes from the source file. Gift adjustments import directly to the target gift and can not be added to a gift batch.

Gift Adjustment Available Field Mapping: 

  • Amount
  • Appeal
  • Campaign
  • Date
  • Fund
  • Gift ID
  • Gift Import ID
  • Gift Subtype
  • Notes
  • Package
  • Post Date
  • Post Status
  • Reason
  • Use adj. GL post date

The Raiser's Edge Field Mapping for Gift Adjustments can be located in the drop down under "Gift Adjustments". Sample field mapping is included below: