Product: ImportOmatic
Published: 05/17/18
This solution describes Validation Mode functionality in the BB Hosted environment

Environment: BB Hosting

Versions: and Higher


If you are hosted by Blackbaud Hosting Support, the decision to reduce the amount of records that can be processed through validation mode is one that was made for the ability of all Blackbaud Hosted clients to be able to have free access to the hosted environment capabilities. This change can not be reverted.

When selecting to validate your import during the import process there should be an informational window that appears when that checkbox is selected regarding a potential for database locking. Due to the way the validation works it has to hold certain tables open in the back-end of the database in case you do not want to commit at the end of the validation process, so those records can be rolled back. That, can at times cause other RE users to get locked out, hence the reduction to 25 records.If a significant amount of records are being processed in validation mode that heightens the possibility as well.

If you would like to validate the records you are processing prior to committing them to the record, a small file with a sampling of your data file records serves the same purpose, without causing any issues, and can be used as a "checking method" for the entire file.

The purpose of validation mode is to allow the user to ensure that any issues with the file can be corrected rather than running the entire file in validation mode.

25 records is the maximum cross section of your data file required to correct any issues beforehand and prevent creating potential issues for others working in RE. You will still get all of the duplicate matching, biographical comparison, and address processing options, just as before the limits were placed.

The functionality of IOM hasn't changed, we have only added a limit to the 'validation' process to prevent the potential for locking.