Product: ImportOmatic Connectors

Description: This solution describes how to refresh an IOM connector profile

Version: 3.0 and above

Environment: Connector Profiles


Open the IOM Connector Profile. Highlight General Settings and select Change Data Source (as shown below)


Click Yes when this pop-up window appears:


After you have selected the "Yes" on the popup window and the "Browse for Folder" window appears, select "Cancel". 

This will open the "Choose Import Connector" window. Select the same connector that the profile you are editing is currently using (if applicable). Select the same connector type that is currently being used and choose the radio buttons labeled "Attempt to Update Existing Field Mapping" along with a radio button selection of "Match Existing Fields by Name" or "Match Existing Fields by Index". 


Once you have selected to save the window will appear to enter your credentials. *See below* 

Select Save. Then the refresh is completed after selecting save and close on the profile itself: 


Some other things to note:

1) Please save a backup copy when prompted (i.e., when the pop-up requests that you select a file location).
2) Select the correct connector type as previously set for the profile. If you are uncertain, the connector type being used is listed as the "connector in use" under General Settings.
3) Be sure to select the correct donation forms, campaigns, etc. in the credentials window.
4) If you receive an error or the refresh does not seem to have worked as expected, you can select "Cancel" at the bottom of the profile to revert the changes. You do not need to save the profile after refreshing if it does not refresh correctly.