Product: ImportOmatic

Description: Invalid Constituent ID/import ID for soft credit reported when importing soft credit gifts

Environment: All

Versions: and


In the release of there were changes made to how soft credits were handled with this change you must now have a valid Constituent ID or Constituent Import ID in the data file for each soft credit Constituent ID/Import ID that is mapped. Blank values for the soft credit constituent ID/import ID will result in this error. 

The Development Team is looking into this issue in order to correct this problem in a future release. 

Until this time the workaround is to import in two passes for any records that do not have a soft credit constituent included in the data file. 

In pass 1: Run the import as normal and allow the records without soft credit constituents to err out.

In pass 2: Make a copy of the profile from pass 1, set the soft credit information to ignore, import using the exceptions.csv from pass 1.