Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution describes how to resolve Error 5.2: Duplicate results exceed 100 records

Environment: All

Version: and higher


This error occurs to prevent the duplicate match screen from timing out when the duplicate search results for a record being imported includes over 100 records.


Use the following instructions to locate the duplicate criteria sets in use:


1. Open the IOM profile in use and navigate within the left hand navigation pane of processing rules to Constituents > Duplicate Search > Criteria


2. Make a note of the selected criteria sets that are check marked. 


3. Next, close the profile and navigate within IOM Configuration to "Duplicate Criteria" in the left hand navigation pane. On the right of the duplicate criteria view you may open the desired criteria set by double-clicking on or highlighting and selecting "edit" to open.

Please try each of the following suggestions in turn until the issue is resolved:

  1. Make the search for duplicates more restrictive by:
    • adding an additional duplicate criteria field (e.g., ZIP) to a duplicate criteria set (3 or more fields is best)
    • adjusting (increasing) the lengths of one or more duplicate criteria fields (5 or more characters is best, or more depending on the field, e.g., for Org Name, 20 might be better)

  2. If the import profile is configured to use multiple duplicate criteria sets:
    • combine multiple duplicate criteria sets into a single set containing all of the fields from each set and configure the import profile to use only that set for duplicate searching
    • uncheck any that match only on first and last name or any that include a combination of fields that could potentially produce a lot of duplicate search results

  3. If the option to Include email addresses in duplicate searching is enabled in the profile, disable it

  4. Check the incoming data for any incoming names that may cause issues, e.g., a name of "J Smith" may result in hundreds of possible duplicates.

  5. Check if the incoming data contains "dummy" values in any fields that are specified in the duplicate search criteria, e.g., the duplicate search criteria is configured to match on email address and there are a lot of incoming records with "" or another dummy value. If you use dummy values, you may want to consider using a dictionary to replace them with blanks so they are ignored when searching for duplicates.

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.