Product: Luminate Connector
This solution explains how to prevent offline donations from importing to Raiser’s Edge
Environment: All
Version: All


1. Create a dictionary that matches on the incoming value of 0 with a replacement value of "Skipped for offline transaction" or some other phrase that will alert the user of an offline donation. Next, place a check mark in the check box labeled "Create Exception (Skip Row)", located at the bottom left of the open dictionary view.



2. Apply the dictionary to the column with the field name of Payment - Creation Method within your IOM profile. Please note that this field is not required to be mapped within the profile, you are only required to apply the newly created dictionary to this specific column. The incoming contents of this column and field shows a "0" for offline gifts and "1" for online gifts. This is the value used by the dictionary to translate the ability to skip 0 and put out all offline transactions as exceptions.