Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution discusses troubleshooting steps for constituent code importing issue

Environment: All

Versions: All


1. Check to see if a default set is in use on the IOM profile. If so, check the default set in use through RE > Tools > Organize/Create Defaults, to determine if there is a constituent code included for addition in the default set. 

2. Check the mapping in the IOM profile. Is the correct column in the IOM profile mapped to the correct column the constituent code lives in from the data file in use? If not, correct the mapping within the IOM profile to the correct column coming from the data file. 

3. Check the data file. Do the constituent codes line up to the correct incoming records by row? If not, adjust in the data file to pair the correct constituent code to the correct incoming constituent record.

4. Check virtual fields. Is there a constituent code being added via the virtual fields? Is it the correct constituent code value? If not, correct the value in the virtual field.

5. Check the dictionary in use on the virtual field or the constituent code column mapping on the field map. Is the correct value being translated in the dictionary to apply the proper replacement value for the constituent code? If not, correct the translation for the offending constituent code to resolve.