Product: ImportOmatic Connector for Luminate

Description: This solution describes how to find the IP address in Azure hosting for whitelisting in the Luminate webservices

Environment: All

Versions: All


NOTE: When using the Omatic Cloud Connector, the address to whitelist is

When working in the Blackbaud hosted environment, the IP address for hosting needs to be whitelisted in Luminate Online to use the IOM Connector. Azure hosting has a few static IP addresses that can be whitelisted in Luminate:
  • Blackbaud SKY US:,, and
  • Blackbaud SKY Canada: and
  • Blackbaud SKY EU: and
  • Blackbaud SKY AUS:

    Be sure to add /32 to the end of the IP

In LO Admin site, make sure that the IP is added as whitelisted under Setup>Site Options>API ConfigurationAdd the IP address to both locations below:

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.