Product: List Management
Description: This solution describes how to promote a non-constituent list member

Environment: All

Versions: All


You may select the check box labeled "Add all records as "full" constituent records " located under "General Settings" in the List Management profile, if you would like all list members to be full constituents upon import. 

To promote existing list management records from within the list: 

1. Open the list in question.

2. Select the records to promote by clicking and dragging to select multiples or highlighting specific records to affect.

3. Right click on the non-constituent list member and select to Add records(s) as Constituent(s).

To promote existing list management records during import:

1. Create an ImportOmatic profile

2. Do not check the option under General Settings, This profile is for List Management

3. Import

When records are matched during import, they are automatically promoted to a full constituent. If you import using a List Management profile, the record may not be promoted