Product: Luminate Online Connector

Description: This solution describes how to import Luminate Online survey data into an organization constituent record in The Raiser's Edge

Environment: All

Version: All


Although Luminate Online does not support organization constituent records, ImportOmatic does not prevent you from importing individual constituent information into organization constituent records (or organization constituent information into individual constituent records) in The Raiser's Edge. Data will be imported based on how the fields are mapped in your import profile. Therefore, it is possible to import the survey data into organization constituent records in RE by mapping the LO fields to the corresponding organization constituent fields.

For instance, if the incoming data includes name and address information that pertains to an organization, you can map the field that contains the organization name (e.g., first or last name) to Constituent > Bio > Org Name and map the fields that contain the address information as Constituent > Address fields to indicate that the constituent is an organization and that the address fields pertain to the organization constituent record.

Since the survey data is associated with an individual constituent in LO, you should also ignore the incoming LO constituent ID (i.e., don't map that field to a constituent alias as you normally would when importing data for individual constituents) so that the LO constituent ID is not used for matching and is not added to the organization constituent record in RE; otherwise, the incoming data may be matched to an existing individual constituent in RE with a matching alias and/or you may end up with multiple RE records with the same LO constituent ID alias.

If you would like to record the LO constituent ID in RE to indicate the source of the survey data, you can import it to another RE field that is not used for ID matching (e.g., a constituent or constituent action attribute).

As with other LO fields, you may first need to refresh the data source for the connector profile in order to make the survey data fields available for mapping in the LO Connector. Please refer to the IOM User Guide or the following Omatic Support KB article for more information and instructions: