Product: SegmentOmatic

Description: How to run a segmentation of non-constituent list members only

Environment: All

Version: All


1. Find an identifying piece of data that is consistent across all of the non-constituent list records in question. If there is not a current piece of consistent data associated with the list records, you may use an attribute (of your choice) on the non-constituent list management records that you would like to segment.

2. Once the attribute has been applied or the consistent piece of data has been identified, you will create a constituent query within RE Query. The criteria for the query will be that selected attribute description = not blank. Or it will be the consistent piece of data that all of the records had in common. Save this query to use for your segmentation RE Query.

3. You will need to create a second constituent query. The criteria for the second constituent query will be Constituent ID = Not Blank. This will be used in the segmentation as the overall exclusion query. Save this query.

4. Open SegmentOmatic and select to edit the segmentation if it already exists. Otherwise, create a new profile for segmentation. The first query will need to be added in the "Include Query" field

5. Select the check box to "Include non-constituent records from List Management". Additionally, include the exclusion query that was created in the field labeled "Exclude Constituents". 

These steps will allow non-constituent list management records to be segmented without full constituents being included in the segmentation.