Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution discusses why the No Valid Address box may not be checked after importing records and how to resolve in Raisers Edge

Environment: All

Versions: All


When setting up a profile, you may map to check the No Valid Address, for example if there is no address in Address Line 1.

When checking the record after import you may find that the checkbox is not selected. This can happen if you've turned on the option Clear 'Has no valid address' checkbox whenever an address is added or updated under Constituents.

If this is a new record, that blank address is seen as a new address, so this setting supersedes the mapping. You could turn off this option, but if you are importing updates to existing records you may be importing a new address and therefore do want to clear the No Valid Address checkbox.

A better solution if importing a mix of new and existing records is to use RE Global Change.

1. Turn on the option to Create static queries

If this is only happening with new records, you only need to use the query created for Added Constituents.

2. In RE, open the query and add a criteria of Preferred Address Line 1 blank and save. This will create a new "Records in..." query.

3. In RE Admin--> Globally Change Records, create a new Change for Constituents

4. Select the query under Include

5. Under Biographical, select Constituent has no valid addresses and choose Add Checked

6. Select Change Now

Note: if there are many records you are changing, it is recommended to run a backup before running this Global Change.