Product: Luminate Online Connector

Description: This solution describes how the date fields function when importing that can exclude or include data

Version: All

Environment: All


If data being imported from Luminate Online is missing after import, please verify that your dates are entered correctly for the proper range selection. See the following instructions for setting dates from our User Guide below: 

Connector Settings - Import

After selecting your profile for import, you can access the Connector settings if you need to change the Center(s) or change the default selection dates.  To update the connection credentials, click Change Credentials.

If your organization does not use multi-site in Luminate Online, the Center(s) field is disabled.




Start/End Dates

First import

If importing for the first time, manually enter the Start date.  Use a date that is early enough so that you will retrieve all records.  


Subsequent imports

Unless you purposely do not want to retrieve all records that were added or changed since the previous import, you do not need to make changes to the Connector settings - you can simply select the profile and run the import.


Date range notes

The Start date and End date settings are automatically adjusted to ensure that no records are missed.  Dates are reset after the import completes.  If the import does not complete successfully (for example, connection to Luminate is lost midway thru) the dates are not reset.  If the import does not successfully complete you can simply run the import again.  Records that had been imported will not be duplicated as long as you use matching by ID.


Start and end dates are profile-specific.  If you have multiple profiles for a Connector, the start and end dates are saved independently for each profile.


Start date

At the end of importing, the Connector's Start date is automatically set to the previous run's date/time + 1 second.  


End date

At the start of importing, the Connector's End date is automatically set to the current import date/time.  This ensures that the next import will include all new records since your last import.  

You can manually change the Connector's End date, save, and then run an import.  However, if you exit the Import screen without running the import, the End date will be reset and your date will not be retained. 



Show me a Connector date behavior example

The first time you run an import with a Luminate Online Connector, you will need to manually set the Start Date. At the completion of the run, the Start Date will be updated to the date/time from that run + 1 second. When you start your next import, the End date will reset to the current date/time. For example, you complete an import on 4/1/2016 at 11:30:42 am and start your next import on 4/8/2016 at 1:43:12 pm - your Connector will default to a Start Date of 4/1/2016 11:30:43 am and End Date 4/8/2016 1:43:12 pm.