Product: ImportOmatic List Management
This solution describes how to export all actions from List Management.

Environment: All

Version: All


  1.  Select the records of your choice then right click to show the right click menu. Select to create a static query using the selected records within the List Management list.

            2. Next, open the static query created in step one in RE. Select to add the desired output fields from the "Output" tab. Save the query.

            3. Return to IOM > Configuration > Export > Profiles. Select to "Add New" in order to create an IOM Export profile using the saved static query. Select the options labeled "Include non-constituents" and                 "Include LM Records". The saved query can be associated with the export by using the ellipsis button on the "Source" field. Search for and locate the saved static query. Save the export. 



            4. Finally, go to IOM > Export to select the saved export profile and choose to run the export to generate a flat file of the list management records.