Product: ImportOmatic 

Description: How the Group Number columns work and what values are available.  

Versions: All


This value designates that several fields that belong to the same relationship are all together, allowing multiple relationships to be imported in one file.  For example, all fields related to a spouse would be grouped as individual relationship group 1, and all fields related to each child would be grouped as individual relationship groups 2, 3, 4, etc.  Though the default value of “1” will be automatically entered for the first relationship group of each relationship type (individual, organization, education), this value can be modified as appropriate for the data in the file.

Although most commonly used for relationships, grouping is used when importing multiples of any record that itself could have multiple fields, such as actions, event participation fees, proposals, membership benefits, etc.

When relationship grouping is applied to a field, the group number will appear in this field.