Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution describes an alternative solution for bypassing the titled error
Environment: All
Versions: All


An update within the Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS) is the cause of this error. The update is specific to the credit card payment type of "Visa".

***For clients using an IOM Connector, please create a dictionary using the following regular expression and apply this dictionary to the credit card number column to bypass the error: 

Value to match on .+(?=\d{4}$) 
Replacement value ?????????????

For clients NOT using and IOM Connector: 

Please use the steps below as an alternative solution to bypass this error: 

  1. Create a skip row dictionary to skip the credit card type of Visa and apply it to the card type field within the IOM profile field mapping. This will allow the "Visa" type to be skipped during the import process. Any incoming record with a type of "Visa" will be sent to an exceptions.csv file. The dictionary must appear exactly as shown below: 
  2. Next, create a copy of the existing IOM profile. Open the copied profile and set the column that the Credit Card Number is mapped in to a value of "Ignore'. The copied profile will be used in conjunction with the exceptions.csv file created by the skip row dictionary. (To create a separate error/exceptions file for the skip row exceptions, please select the highlighted check box in the profile on the screen shown below)

3. Go to "Import" and select the copied profile. Browse to and select the exceptions.csv file created by the skip row dictionary. Once imported, the gifts will be in the system but will not have a credit card number associated with the gift record. ***NOTE*** If you are using the Luminate Connector for IOM, you will need to change the Source field value in the Import screen to a value of "Data File" in order to be able to select the browse button in the File to import field to pull in the exceptions.csv file for use.