Product: ImportOmatic - Luminate Cloud Connector

Description: This solution describes how to locate the information needed to connect to the LO Cloud Connector.

Environment: All

Version: All


The credentials needed to connect to the Luminate Online Connector is located in your LO admin site under your API Configurations.

a. Your API Key can be found in the first section under Configure API Keys. The data have been redacted. You will see your actual values.

b. Your user name and password can be found by first clicking on Edit server API configuration.
c. The user names and passwords are listed under Manage API Administrative Accounts.
d. Your site’s domain name can be found in the URL of your Luminate Online site
e. Your organization name can also be found in the URL of your Luminate Online site

f. If using a custom domain you can find it in the url of a donation form. This is optional and your organization may not be using this feature.