Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution covers the 1:1 matches bucket, and how to review those records

Environment: All

Versions: All

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After your formula has received records, you will be given the chance to review any records that are Ready or Needs Attention. In this scenario, the 1:1 matches are sent to the Needs Attention bucketYour 1:1 matches are records that Omatic Cloud has identified as having a single matching record in the destination.

There are two different ways to review your Needs Attention records. 

1. You have the option to select Review in the Needs Attention bucket.

2. You can also view the buckets by navigating to the Integrations/Formulas tab, then clicking on the number in the bucket within the grid.

The next screen will show you how many records are available for review.

The grid will show you your duplicate matches. Omatic Cloud will show you the incoming data, as well as the matched record data from the destination. You have the option to Match, Add New, and Delete. 

  • Match: confirm the match, and send the updates to the destination.
  • Add New: create a new record in the destination.
  • Delete: remove this row from the data set (does not remove matching record in destination).

The first row has a match confidence of 100%. If you're comfortable with 100% matches, you can set your formula to automatically treat those as ready. The next three rows present some data differences highlighted in magenta. When you select Match, the data differences window will appear giving you the option to choose which value to keep. By default, the incoming value will overwrite what's in the destination unless you opt to keep the destination value instead.

In your formula triage settings you can opt to allow the incoming data differences to update the destination without review by sending 1:1 matches to Ready. You can do this by choosing 'Flag as Ready if all selected fields exactly match:'