Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution covers the 1:Many matches bucket, and how to review those records

Environment: All

Versions: All



After your formula has received records, you will be given the chance to review any records that are marked Ready or Needs Attention.

Your 1:Many matches are records that Omatic Cloud has identified as having more than one potential match. By default, your 1:Many matches will always be sent to Needs Attention

You have the option to discard matches based on their score threshold. For example, if the match score is below 40%, you can tell Omatic Cloud to not display it. 

You can use this in conjunction with the auto-pick feature.

There is often one match of the set that is better than the rest. Of your mapped matching fields, you can choose which will be used to select an exact match, then Omatic Cloud will ignore all other matches. From there, it treats the record as if it was a 1:1 match.