Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution walks you through how to add and remove destination fields from the data mapping screen

Environment: All

Versions: All


On the data mapping screen, you now have the ability to enhance your view by adding or removing destination fields. With so many fields and custom fields available, you can focus on the data that is meaningful to you by customizing your display in Omatic Cloud. This will not remove the field from your destination. 

By default, essential fields are displayed and cannot be hidden for the Contact object. To add or remove fields, select the Add/remove fields button on the screen. 

Once selected, you have the ability to choose which destination fields you'd like to see on the mapping screen. 

Deselecting a mapped field with actions applied will un-map the field and you will lose the formatting rules. For example, the Classy State field is being mapped to, and proper casing has been applied. By removing that field from your view, you will lose the clean up. 

Coming soon: ability to add/remove fields from display on secondary objects.