Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution explains the meaning of the match score

Environment: All

Versions: All


When reviewing matches in Omatic Cloud, a match score is provided to help you evaluate the quality of the match.  The calculation of this score is separate from the matching criteria you've set in the formula, though both utilize the same data fields for their processes:

  1. Matching: Omatic Cloud searches for all possible matches, based on the search parameters you have defined.  When you set your rules on the record matching page to look for ID + Email or Name, Omatic Cloud uses those two parameters to identify possible matches.
  2. Scoring: Omatic Cloud assigns a confidence score to each possible matching record(s), using a weighted algorithm. The score compares the data from your source with the data in your destination, and indicates how likely the two records are duplicates based on the similarities or differences.

When Omatic Cloud assigns a score, it’s a weighted calculation that is based on all matching fields that we compare, regardless of whether they were used in the initial locating of potential matches.  

For example, you may have selected to locate matches by Email OR First+Last Name.  Omatic Cloud found a match with the same name fields, but a different (or blank) email address. Even though you said to locate matches by either criterion, the score is based all of the fields, so it will be scored at less than 100%.  To summarize, by not having an email that matches between records, we have a lower confidence on this match than if all fields were exact matches.  

Understanding how the matches are identified and the scores are calculated will help you confidently set your Matching Record Triage rules.