Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution describes how to use ImportOmatic to mark an existing email as inactive on a constituent record

Environment: All

Versions: All


You can use ImportOmatic to mark existing email addresses on a constituent record as inactive.

When you need to mark an existing email address as inactive on a constituent record, you will need to include the following items in your data file. The constituent's unique identifier (constituent ID, first and last name, SSN, or Alias), the email address, and the value of "YES", "Y", "TRUE", "T", "1", or "-1." For example:

In your IOM profile, map the fields to their respective RE fields. When you map the Email Address as shown in Column B, ImportOmatic will populate the Is Inactive > Email (Field B) option to indicate the email that is being mapped.

Your mapping should look similar to this:

Additionally, in the Phones/Emails configuration panel, you will need to indicate to ImportOmatic to "Update existing:"

Run your import and find the existing email address as marked inactive.