Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution presents a workaround for preventing duplicating GAU Allocations when they are automatically added in the Campaign

Environment: All

Versions: All


In Salesforce NPSP, you have the ability to associate GAU Allocations with Campaigns. In doing so, when you create an Opportunity with a Primary Campaign Source using a Campaign that has a GAU Allocation, the Opportunity will automatically add the GAU + Allocation. 

For example, in Salesforce you have a campaign setup for a January Golf Tournament. You have configured your GAU Allocations so that 100% of the donation goes towards the General Fund. 

In Omatic Cloud, you are sending a donation that was given for the January Golf Tournament. Since the Allocation is automatically being added by Salesforce, you want to tell Omatic Cloud to not add a GAU/Allocation for the General Fund. To do so, you will want to instruct Omatic Cloud not to add the GAU/Allocation when adding an Opportunity for the January Golf Tournament. 

In the field mapping, you will begin by defining the GAU name. 

Next, you will want to tell Omatic Cloud to not add the Allocation for this GAU. You can do this by defining percent as 0. 

Doing this will ensure that the Allocation will not be added for this Opportunity, but will be added to Opportunities not within this campaign.