Product:  Luminate Online Connector 

Description:  Occurs when importing profiles, Center and Donation Forms turn blank.  

Environment: All 

Versions: All


               1. Include organizations custom domain in Luminate settings (Steps below on how to find an organization)

               2. Copy and paste " " into the search bar of a web browser. 

                3. Remove ORG_NAME and insert the organization's name. Select enter or search. 

                4. After the site refreshes, Copy the new web page address disregarding the end.  ( /site/SRConsAPI )

                5. Open Luminate settings, select "Use custom domain" and paste the web address into "Custom Domain". 

                6. Save the settings, if you get a popup asking if you want to change the mapping, click save as well. 

                7. Once completed, navigate back to Luminate settings, and Centers and Donation forms should appear. 

Video Example Provided Below.