Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution presents a pre-onboarding checking for Omatic Cloud for Altru

Environment: Altru

Versions: All


Preparation Tasks:

  1. Identify team project team roles. Who will need to be included on calls? Who will be responsible for making data mapping decisions? Who will be responsible for data processing?
    • Please provide your Project Coordinator a list of people who will need access to Omatic Cloud (first name, last name, email address).
    • Please be prepared to discuss what data you want to record in each system and where you want to record it.
  2. Create a unique Altru User for Omatic Cloud
    • This user should be new and unique (not an existing user).
    • You will want to use an email address that you have access to (something with
    • The User Name and Password can be anything you like.
    • This user will also need the "Development Data Entry" user role and potentially "Membership Manager" if you use Membership data. The higher the privileges, the fewer potential issues.
    • If using smart fields, make sure to make those visible to the user.
    • Make sure this user can log into Altru.
  3. If you plan to connect to an external system, please follow these instructions on obtaining your API and login credentials.
  4. If you are using a flat file (.xlsx or .csv) for import, please have up to 25 rows and 52 columns of dummy data ready  and share the file with your Project Coordinator prior to your first implementation call.
    • If you plan on setting up automated/scheduled imports, please have your FTP credentials ready for your kickoff call. This article provides more details.
  5. Please complete the OC Pre-Training Survey and the OC Mapping Decisions documents attached below, and send the finished documents to your Project Coordinator.
  6. Setup and Alternate Lookup ID in Altru with the Type "your email system ID"
    • For example, "Mailchimp ID", "Luminate ID", etc.
  7. Add an Altru Appeal called "Your Email System Email"
    • For example, "Mailchimp Email", "Luminate Email", etc.
    • Please contact Blackbaud Support if you have questions or need assistance
  8. Create a Response Category in Altru called "Your Email Response."
    • For example, "Mailchimp Response", "Luminate Response", etc.
    • Add the following responses to that category:
      • Open
      • Click
      • Unsubscribe
      • Bounce
    • Please contact Blackbaud Support if you have questions or need assistance
  9. Run a duplicate search in Altru and clean up records to the best of your ability.
  10. Make sure that only one record has a specific email as Primary.
  11. Create a query folder in Altru called "Omatic Integration" and within that folder, create two queries:
    • One query includes your records that should be added to your email system as subscribers.
    • The other query includes records that should be updates to unsubscribers in your email system.
  12. Ensure that the unique Omatic Cloud Altru User (referenced above) can see and run the queries.
  13. Please make sure the records in this query do not have a shared email.
  14. Lastly, please review this short video in preparation for implementation.