Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution presents a pre-onboarding checking for Omatic Cloud for Altru

Environment: All

Versions: All


Preparation Tasks:

  • Identify team project roles. Who will need to be included on calls? Who will be responsible for making data mapping decisions? Who will be responsible for data processing?
    • Please be prepared to discuss what data you want to map and where you want to map to
    • Please provide your Omatic Cloud implementation consultant a list of people who will need access to Omatic Cloud (first name, last name, email address). 

  • If you plan to connect to an external system, please follow these instructions on obtaining your API and login credentials.

  • If you are using a flat file (.xlsx or .csv) for import, please have your data ready and share the file with your Omatic Cloud implementation consultant prior to your first implementation call.

  • Create a unique Altru User for Omatic Cloud
    • This user should be new and unique (not an existing user).
    • You will want to use an email address that you have access to (something with
    • The User Name and Password can be anything you like.
    • This user will also need the "Development Data Entry" user role and potentially "Membership Manager" if you use Membership data.
    • If using smart fields, make sure to make those visible to the user.

  • Set up an Alternate Lookup ID in Altru with the Type "your email system ID"
    • For example, Mailchimp ID, Luminate ID, etc.

  • Add an Altru Appeal called "Your Email System Email" 
    • For example, Mailchimp Email, Luminate Email, etc.
    • Please contact Blackbaud support if you have questions or need assistance

  • Create a Response Category in Altru called "Your Email Response."
    • For example, Mailchimp Response, Luminate Response, etc.
    • Add the following responses to that category:
      • Open
      • Click
      • Unsubscribe
      • Bounce
    • Please contact Blackbaud support if you have questions or need assistance

  • Run a duplicate search in Altru and clean up records to the best of your ability.

  • Create a query folder in Altru called "Omatic Integration" and within that folder, create two queries:
    • One query includes your records that should be added to your email system as subscribers.
    • The other query includes records that should be updated to unsubscribers in your email system.

  • Ensure that the unique Omatic Cloud Altru User (referenced above) can see and run the queries.

  • Please make sure the records in this query do not have a shared email.